About Us

PT Bina Kridatama Nusantara Insurance Brokers is an insurance broking and risk consulting company formed in 1987 licensed by the Ministry of Finance No.Kep-100/MD/1987 dated 24 February 1987 with NPWP: 1.320.565.3-21.


This company is formed to fulfill the demand of the businesses to help them to choose the right insurance product and accompanying them on the claim process. We’re not only become the mediator between the customer and the insurance company. But also become the advisor for the businesses to choose the right insurance product and also when the claim are happened, we’re make sure the insured get the optimum and appropriate indemnity to be in line with the terms and conditions of the policy. Besides helping to cover the insurance, we’re also giving advice and help to obtaining a best posible program insurance to our client, giving advice and access to Risk Management from our professional staff who always ready to give the best services to our client to make sure they get protection all the time and ready to face the global market competition.